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  • Trained in irrigation systems installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and on-site repairs.
  • We understand lawns, shrubs, trees, ground covers, and annual flowers require different water.
  • We will implement correct irrigation schedules for each area to keep your building looking professional and of course on a budget you can afford. 



​* Clean-ups - removal of leaves, debris and sticks

* Redefining beds and cultivating

* Plantings - ex: Mums and Kale






Fire pits

in your backyard

  • Fire Pit installation on brick or grass.
  • Many styles and colors to choose from.
  • Customized options available.
  • Enjoy the outdoors with your family.
  • Easy and affordable for all families.



  • We choose from healthy nursery stock
  • We provide careful installation, determine appropriate feeding and watering needs through maturation, diagnosing and treating for insects or disease, prune for health and appearance.
  • We may make suggestions to help surrounding landscapes adjust to complement the change of trees.
  • We will always keep your budget in mind.

  • We create designs with long-term beauty in mind.
  • Accurate estimates based on knowledge and experience.
  • Coordinated installation of landscaping, including work with other trades that may be on site.
  • We can design/build your ideas into reality.
  • All designs are created with maintenance in mind, to maximize visual impact while keeping costs down.
  • We can design and install all types of masonry (concrete, pavers, retaining walls).

designs &


Let us offer you a FREE proposal on your next project!

We also offer twelve month contracts!

​Complete Ground Maintenance Including:

* Weekly maintenance - Lawn cut

* Edging of curb line, flower beds

* Blowing of parking lots and walkways

* Weeding

* Redefining beds and cultivating

* Plantings - ex: Marigolds and Impatients

* End of Summer - Core Aeration & Seeding

​* Clean-Ups - removal of leaves, debris & sticks

* Tree Pruning

* Mulch in flower beds

* Redefining beds and cultivating

* Plantings - ex: Tulips and Pansies

* De-Thatching